Token Distribution


    Max supply of Qi tokens (hard cap): 200M
    Investor Allocation: <5% released linearly for 18 months
    Keeper allocation: ~10% total vested over 3 years
    Community Distribution: 85%


Community distribution (85%)

the lion's share of Qi tokens will go to the community. We want QiDao to be owned and run by the community that is invested in the QiDao project. Below is the breakdown of how Qi tokens will be given to the community.

Staking & Liquidity Mining Programs (20%)

This program will run for a period of 180 days (starting May 5th 2021). Initial token and staking-based liquidity mining programs will be run through a rewards portal which will likely include:
    miMATIC staking
    Stability Pool rewards

Community Treasury (65%)

These are Qi tokens owned by the community. The community can vote on how to use these tokens.
    Vesting - will be vested linearly at every Polygon block over a period of 3 years (starting launch) in line with the schedule below:
      Year 1: 50% of the treasury tokens vested
      Year 2: 30% of the treasury tokens vested
      Year 3: 20% of the treasury tokens vested

Fundraising (5%)

Fundraising is needed to pay for a thorough audit of the Protocol’s code and to bootstrap liquidity, which will be controlled by the community through governance voting. The community can vote to raise more capital in the future as needed post-launch. Qi tokens awarded in this distribution will be done linearly for 18 months.

Keeper incentive (10%)

The role of Keeper is to provide direction to the network in its early stages and to maintain and upgrade the codebase following governance votes. Keeper incentives are vested over 3 years linearly and can be stopped by governance votes if the team does not perform accordingly.
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