Vote on major decisions for the protocol.
All major decisions are made by the community by voting on QiDao Improvement Proposals. Voting power is based on a user’s Qi Powah, where holding 1 Qi equates to 1 vote. Qi Powah can be increased by either acquiring more Qi or boosting one’s existing Qi by locking it in the boost page. The longer a user locks Qi, the more their Qi Powah will be boosted. Below is the voting process for QiDao:
    Soft proposal to community on Discord
Before a proposal is set for a vote, it will be sent to the community on Discord. This will begin a period of discussion about the proposal: whether it should be voted on, how it should be amended, what options should be voted on, and how the results of the vote will be interpreted (quorum standards). Soft proposals will be sent to the community a minimum of 3 days before a QIP snapshot is taken.
2. Community Townhall held for Critical Votes
If a vote is critical, impacting the protocol considerably, there will be a community townhall on Discord to discuss the proposal in depth. Community members can and are encouraged to hold independent townhalls on the Discord. To set one up, users can contact team members.
3. QIP launched on Snapshot
After the community has discussed how the proposal will be voted on and what the contents of the proposal will be, the proposal will be posted on Snapshot to be voted on. To participate in voting, users must have a Qi balance before the snapshot takes place for that vote.
4. QIP results are announced and team begins implementation
Following the QIP, the team will announce the results of the vote and begin implementation. If new and material information was omitted from the QIP, the vote could be launched again. This is to ensure that community members have all the necessary information they need to make a decision.
All snapshots can be found at The QiDao Discord can be found at​
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