Service Agreement

Before using Mai Finance, fully read this documentation. By using this site, you acknowledge that you understand how the site and its underlying protocol functions.

  • Mai Finance is a web-app interface that allows users to use their blockchain wallet to communicate with a decentralized protocol to mint MAI and to provide liquidity. This means Mai Finance wields no control over individual MAI vaults, the MAI token, or the liquidity pools posted on the web-app. It is the user's responsibility to carefully consider the benefits and risks related to using Mai Finance.

  • Expected return rates and token prices are estimations and not guarantees.

  • Mai Finance is not responsible for user loss of assets, nor for generating profit that is less than projected, resulting from the use of Mai Finance.

  • Mai Finance does not guarantee the continuity of Mai Finance service, and the functions within.

  • Mai Finance does not guarantee the reliability of any blockchain used by Mai Finance, as well as any other 3rd party services.

  • Development and update of the QiDao Protocol aim to rely on a decentralized voting system; however, developers and governance participants of the QiDao Protocol are not responsible in any way for any and all parts of the QiDao Protocol.

  • The Smart Contract code used in Mai Finance are susceptible to vulnerabilities, and risk of asset loss exists from hacks and exploits utilizing these vulnerabilities.

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