Qi Token

QiDao's token.

What is Qi?

Qi (pronounced CHEE) is the token associated with the QiDao community.

How can I get Qi?

  • Buy Qi from individuals at an exchange like app.slingshot.finance.

  • Receive it through various community activities.

Note: Qi does not represent ownership of the protocol and does not guarantee any profits from being held. QiDao does not assign any particular value to Qi.

Is my Qi accounted for while it's in liquidity pools?

All Qi held by a user, whether vesting, held in liquidity pools, or in eQi, is used to calculate voting power (aka Qi Powah). This includes Qi locked in liquidity pools as well as vested Qi. Currently, it does not include unclaimed Qi rewards on app.mai.finance.rewards.

On what matters does the community need to come to consensus on?

  • Collateral types

  • Revenue distribution

  • Price oracle changes (where pricing comes from)

  • Risk parameters (i.e. liquidity ratio, debt value)

  • Change repayment fee

  • Upgrade to the system

  • Qi community treasury decisions

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