Qi Staking
Boost your incentives and voting power

What is eQi

When you stake Qi you will receive eQi (escrow Qi). eQi is calculated based on the amount of Qi a user locks up and the duration they choose to lock it for.
Example: If you lock up 100 Qi for 3 years, you will have 300 eQi.

Why do users lock Qi?

Qi holders lock their Qi for two reasons, to boost their Qi Powah (voting power) or to boost their share of the protocolโ€™s revenue. The longer a user locks their Qi, the larger the boost they receive.

What does it mean to stake Qi?

Staking Qi involves locking your QI for a predetermined amount of time in the Protocol. You can lock Qi for up to 4 years. While QI is locked, it cannot be unlocked or transferred by users.

What is the maximum time frame users can stake Qi?

Users can stake for a maximum of 4 years at a time.

What is Qi Powah?

Qi Powah (voting power) represents the amount of Qi a user holds across dapps (including liquidity pools). The greater your Qi Powah, the greater your say in protocol decisions.

What revenue does the Protocol distribute to Qi stakers?

Following QIP 004, the protocol distributes 30% of weekly repayment fee revenue to Qi stakers, according to how much eQi they have.
Following QIP 013, the protocol will use deposit fee revenue to provide liquidity for QI-MAI. 100% of rewards from this activity will be distributed to Qi stakers weekly.

What happens to the revenue accumulated thus far?

Each week, we'll add a 25% boost to that week's revenue using accumulated repayment fee revenue thus far, until accumulated revenue is depleted.
Example: if in a week we make 1,000 MATIC, we would boost it with 250 MATIC and so the distributed amount would be 1,250 MATIC

Can I extend my lockup period?

Yes, you can always extend your lock up period to up to 4 years.

When do Qi stakers receive revenue sharing?

A snapshot is taken every Sunday to calculate how the weekโ€™s distribution will be shared. Revenue is then distributed the following Wednesday via the rewards page.

Are there any requirements to receive revenue sharing through staking Qi?

Qi must be staked for at least a week on Sunday. That means that on Sunday, your Qi must be locked for a period longer than a week.

How do I stake Qi?

To stake Qi, head over to the app siteโ€™s Boost page. Select the amount of Qi you want to stake and for how long. The longer you stake it, the greater the boost will be. As the lock up period passes, you can continually extend the period to maintain the same boost amount.
Please remember that your locked Qi is non-transferable & non-reversible until the lockup period is over.
Last modified 2mo ago