Asset Onboarding Checklist

1.0 Proposing new asset

Proposal will be posted on the designated platform for DAO governance discussions, currently on Discord ("general QIP discussions channel"). The proposal should be around 1 page and must include a proposal title and rationale for adding the asset.
A period of gauging community sentiment will last at least 2 days before the proposal can be posted on Snapshot.

2.0 Risk Analysis

The risk analysis will be posted on Discord alongside the proposal. Proposed risk parameters should use the risk analysis as rationale.

3.0 Preliminary vote to approve asset

Proposal is posted on Snapshot for at least 3 days.

4.0 Prepare vault contract and oracle

The contracts to mint MAI against new assets will be deployed, along with price oracles for the assets (in the case of complex assets).

5.0 Internal testing

Internal testing will be performed to ensure that the contracts and UI work.

6.0 Vault Final Approval

This step is required to approve new code before it can be funded with MAI. It will be posted on Snapshot for at least 3 days.

7.0 Initial debt ceiling

Initial debt ceilings will be based on available onchain liquidity for the collateral and MAI's peg at the time.