Transfer tokens from any bridge

TLDR: The hub allows you to convert anyMAI, relayMAI, and other variations of our bridged tokens into each blockchain‘s official MAI token. This helps reduce the liquidity fragmentation and offer a unified token experience on any chain.
If you‘re an Anyswap user of Router then you don‘t have to interact with the hub! Unless you want to switch to a relaychain or other supported bridge.

Why we implemented the Hub

By aggregating various bridges, MAI ensures fungibility across multiple chains and also reduces the risk associated with using a particular bridge. Only QiDao can mint MAI on any chain. Bridges are limited in the amount of MAI they can bridge to other chains. As a result, any exploit that occurs on a bridge is limited in scale.
Being fungible on all chains, MAI avoids the liquidity fragmentation issue that other stables have come across.

Summary of Benefits

  • No reliance on any one bridge or DEX
  • Less fragmentation of MAI and Qi cross-chain, making partnerships and rewards much easier
  • Risk mitigation - if something were to happen to one of the approved bridges QiDao can halt the Hubs ability to swap that version of that bridges MAI
We are excited about our Hub as we see the future of DeFi is cross chain. To help create a better DeFi ecosystem we have made the Hub open source. Any protocol looking to go cross-chain or that is having similar issues with fragmentation of their tokens across chains can now implement the Hub. As we continue to make a cross-chain path for QiDao we want to help pave the way for the next set of protocols looking to make their own cross-chain path.